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Dear Dental Professional,

You don't need me to tell you that being a dentist can be an incredibly stressful career.

Sure, there's the perks of running your own business, of earning a good income, of being a respected member of the medical community.

But there's also...

Maybe you're already one of those dentists facing these challenges. And if you aren't now, odds are you will be at some point in your career.

Unless you do something about it!

The fact is, the longer you work in dentistry, the more you discover that there are a lot of things that no one ever thought to teach you about in dental school.

And right now, those very same things, things that you really NEED TO KNOW, may be holding you back from getting the very most out of your practice - and your life.


Sure, there are those continuing education courses that you have to take to keep your license current and stay in practice. But you already pretty well know what those courses teach you - and I don't have to tell you that most of them don't have a whole heck of a lot to do with helping you live or work or feel better.

You need something else. Something that focuses on you, as a professional and as a person, and on what you need to run a better, more profitable practice and live a happier, healthier life.

You need something you can do in your own time, at your convenience - so there's no added pressure to fly you and your staff to some conference somewhere and spend hours listening to some boring lecturer talk.

The bottom line? You need a different kind of program, a program centered on the kind of practical, real-world information that will help you improve your dental practice, your team, and your life.

Well, I have good news for you. That program is here.

It's called the HEALTHY DENTISTRY LEARNING SYSTEM. And it really is remarkable.

Developed by experts in stress management, health and nutrition, physical therapy, and oral-systemic health, the HEALTHY DENTISTRY LEARNING SYSTEM is the first-of-its-kind, total learning system designed specifically for dentists.

The HEALTHY DENTISTRY LEARNING SYSTEM is comprised of over 14 hours of audio and video provided by experts, plus brandable, personalized, done-for-you bonus materials designed to benefit both your practice and your patients. It all adds up to a simple, user-friendly way to get the real-world, practical information you need to start improving your practice and your life right now!

This first-of-its-kind, comprehensive learning system contains:

"America's Personal Health Improvement Expert," David Meinz has shown over 200 dental groups how to improve both their personal and professional health and productivity. His articles have appeared in "The Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry."

As a dentist, you likely advise your patients to avoid sweets and sugary sodas to keep their teeth healthy. Well, as a nutritionist, I know that the link between what you eat and your dental and overall health goes much further than just cutting back on candy. I'm David Meinz, also known as America's Personal Health Improvement Expert. In this program I deliver all the latest, cuttingedge information I know about everything from the truth about sugar substitutes to nutrition's role in periodontal disease. Plus, I'll share what you and your team should be eating to keep your personal and professional productivity at its peak. Audio CD.


Susie Vanderlip knows first-hand how stressful dentistry can be. She was married to a dentist under stress and watched as the pressure became too much for him until he tragically took his own life. In this program, Susie and her husband, clinical psychologist Ken Vanderlip, make it their mission to help dentists cope with the day-today stressors that can define life in a dental office - things like difficult patients, problems with employees, and dynamics between team members. Together they've developed the De-Stress for Success Life Balance Workshop, designed to give busy professionals like you the tools you need to survive and thrive in your career. Audio CD.

Susie Vanderlip and Dr. Ken Vanderlip present content-rich life balance workshops and seminars. Individually and together, they teach tools for the enrichment of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Casey Hein is Assistant Professor in the Division of Periodontics and Director of Education for the International Centre for Oral-Systemic Health at the dental school at the University of Manitoba. She speaks internationally on the oral-systemic connection.

Today's successful dental practices know and understand where the future of dentistry is headed. Do you? Casey Hein is an internationally-regarded expert on the oralsystemic connection - the emerging science of how dental health and the health of rest of the body are linked. She'll share the exciting news about the impact you and your team can have on your patients' total health - and how you can position your practice for amazing success today, and in the future. Audio CD.


Increase your productivity, extend your dental career and - most importantly - feel better with practical, real-world advice from physical therapist Bethany Valachi. Married to a dentist, Bethany's husband was ready to leave the profession due to chronic pain associated with the day-to-day demands of dentistry. Bethany shares essential guidelines for loupe selection, patient positioning, and dentistry specific exercises that will make on-the-job pain a thing of the past! Video DVD.

Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS isa physical therapist, dental ergonomic consultant, and author of 'Practice Dentistry Pain-Free.' She lectures internationally and is clinical instructor of ergonomics at OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland, OR.


"The Healthy Dentistry learning system confirmed my belief that dentistry really does impact the entire health of our patients. The dental office stress management and dental ergonomics programs will benefit every dental professional out there. I continue to use the nutrition information equally between my family and my patients. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire program and I think Healthy Dentistry is a fantastic investment!"

-Doug Thompson DDS
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

This is the only learning system with information drawn from FOUR UNIQUE AREAS OF EXPERTISE and tailored SPECIFICALLY FOR DENTISTS. There is simply no other way to learn this all at once, all for one affordable price.

"So How Much Is All This Going To Cost Me?"

Maybe a better question is, "how much is my health, my sanity, and my future worth to me?"

By the way, you will get new patients from integrating this system into your practice. Think about the potential value of a single new patient - experts calculated it to be in the thousands of dollars. And that's just for one new patient.

Add in the personal benefits to you and your team from information custom tailored for dentists like you, and this program is basically priceless.

This comprehensive learning system will give you access to all of this -

Stress Management in the Dental Office

The Food You and Your Patients Eat

The Future of Dentistry

Practice Dentistry, Pain Free

Printable materials for each program, including 11 personalizable Patient Handouts

ALL for only $89!!!

That's a whole lot less than the value of even a single new patient - for a system that can help you attract and retain dozens of patients for years to come.

"Healthy Dentistry is jam-packed full of useful information for today's dental team. My back feels better and my office staff seems more relaxed and ready to handle the normal stressors that every practice faces. And we're eating better, too! Healthy Dentistry should be required material for every new and seasoned dental professional."

-Michael O'Brien DMD
Auburn, Alabama

Isn't it time you invested in a program that actually helps you make more money and live a better life?

If your answer is "yes," CLICK HERE to get the HEALTHY DENTISTRY LEARNING SYSTEM now - and start improving your life and your practice TODAY!


David Meinz, MS, RD, FADA, CSP

P.S. If you're stressed out, in pain, or just not producing what you should, there's no need to put up with it any longer.

P.P.S. To download a free sampling of the Patient Handouts you get with the system click here.

Isn't it time you started getting the most out of your dental profession? Sign up now and start learning the secrets they didn't teach you in dental school - secrets that JUST MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


"Healthy Dentistry is both entertaining and informational. I recommend it for any dentist who want to improve their personal and professional lives."

-Bernard G. Nash DMD, MSE


"David has created a comprehensive tool for dentists that should be part of everyone's library. Healthy Dentistry is a very valuable tool and a rare gift - one you should treat yourself and your team to!"

-Jacque Russo, RN, DDS

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